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"H.A.L.O." is an acronym for Henry and Lakeisha Outdoors.  Henry and Lakeisha Woodard of H.A.L.O. Hunting are God-fearing, family-oriented, Mississippi Shuffling, avid hunters who suffer occasionally from buck fever and the turkey pox! 

Check Us out On the podcast with Colion Noir!   

Watch us on Business Insider" Turkey Hunting During the  Covid-19 Pandemic" Its a great video, please be sure to share!  

Henry get's a 2nd chance on a Mississippi buck! Watch Episode 8 Now!

Scentlok Presents " Down Home- A Way Of Life" Series that is streaming on the Mossy Oak Go App! Download it for free! Check out the entire season featuring "H.A.L.O. Chronicles"! 

Episode 7 - Giving God Thanks!

Fishing with Trinity and Ezekiel

Watch Episode 7 Now! 

Episode 2- Angel's First Buck
Episode 1- MS Delta Buck Down First National TV Appearance

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