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"H.A.L.O." is an acronym for Henry and Lakeisha Outdoors.  Henry and Lakeisha Woodard of H.A.L.O. Chronicles are God-fearing, family-oriented, Mississippi Shuffling, avid hunters who suffer occasionally from buck fever and the turkey pox! 

Scentlok Presents " Down Home- A Way Of Life" Series that is streaming on the Mossy Oak Go App! Download it for free! Check out the entire season featuring "H.A.L.O. Chronicles"! 

Hunting is a tradition that goes back generations and each fall around our country, another deer season begins. Leaves turn color and dance to the ground. A cold north wind that anticipates winter’s grip begins to blow. Millions of deer hunters don their favorite camo pattern, silently sneaking cedar swamp edges, oak ridges and cut corn fields across the country to chase whitetail deer. Some hunters are chasing dreams, others following in footsteps and to some, it’s their first deer season…but they’re all carrying on one of the richest traditions in America.
For many people, whitetail deer hunting is more than just a three-month season, it’s a way of life. For the Woodard Family of Mississippi and Collin Mann of Iowa, that is definitely the case. “A Way of Life” presented by ScentLok, highlights these family's way of life and the amazing cultures they were born in to. Join us as we explore how a family from Mississippi and a diehard from Iowa share the passion of hunting whitetail deer. With completely different terrain, family dynamics, whitetail genetics, hunting traditions and culture, this series will uncover how the process of whitetail deer hunting always wins.
Henry get's a 2nd chance on a Mississippi buck!
Watch Episode 8 Now!
Episode 7 - Giving God Thanks!

Fishing with Trinity and Ezekiel

Watch Episode 7 Now! 

Episode 1- MS Delta Buck Down First National TV Appearance
Episode 2- Angel's First Buck

Episode 3 -Turkey Hunting Redemption 

Episode 5- Three Turkeys Are Better Than None. 

Episode 4- Deer Hunting Tactics Filling the Freezer

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