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“H.A.L.O.” is an acronym for Henry and Lakeisha Outdoors. 
We are Henry and Lakeisha Woodard of H.A.L.O. Hunting.  My wife and I are God-fearing, family-oriented, Mississippi Shuffling, avid hunters who suffer occasionally from buck fever and the turkey pox!  
Our family farms soybeans and wheat in the NW Mississippi delta, where the chase first began.  I (Henry) am an ordained elder and a locomotive electrician by trade.  Lakeisha is an avid hunter and has a bachelor's degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. 
We are raising our four beautiful children with a respect and appreciation for the outdoors, and we really enjoy hunting and filming our adventures together as a family. From the field to the dinner table, it is common for us to enjoy nature’s finest marinated in lifetime memories!~ God-Family-Outdoors. 

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